Enertus AG is globally active trading company in food and agriculture commodities. We buy, sell, process and distribute vital agricultural commodities, meeting global demand through assets spanning six continents.

We believe in taking a collaborative approach in agricultural trading and sourcing, working with our fellow farmers and international buyers for a mutual benefit.

Thanks to our unique strategy, we have built a strong network of suppliers and customers working with us as business partners.

Characterized by efficiency and confidentiality, our reputation and working method allow us ongoing access to high-quality supplies at extremely competitive prices.


When it comes to wheat, we originate wheat classes such as hard, milling and durum from trusted suppliers across the world, with the preferences of our customers in mind. It only takes the finest quality wheat to produce a wide variety of flour and semolina. In addition, we source feed wheat to serve the animal feed sector.


Our corn is principally sourced from the Black Sea region. The corn is then distributed to customers across the UAE as well across the GCC, North Africa and Asia, helping us efficiently address the growing demand and establish a substantial and sustainable presence.


We trade a wide range of optimal quality feed barley that originates worldwide and then distribute it to key consumption markets across the GCC, North Africa and Asia.


Biomass is organic, renewable, certified, and sustainable material used for electricity and heat production. The main markets are converted coal power stations, lime and cement kilns, either fully converted or co-firing biomass with coal, and heating markets.

While the industrial markets are mainly focused in Northern Europe, Poland, Japan and South Korea the heating markets are more diverse. Whether residential heat production or for municipal building, libraries, schools etc. These markets are currently 30 million tonnes with a 50/50 split between Industrial and Residential/Heating volumes. With Japanese utilities ramping up consumption, this ratio may change.

Italy is the main focus for residential markets while France, the UK and Spain have rapidly growing interest in expanding biomass consumption.