We provide the finest raw materials to give your business extra strength and energy. Our ability to successfully deliver end-to-end across the commodities value chain is why we have quickly become the partner of choice for our customers.

The commodities traded include coal and metcoke; mineral fertilizers; base metals and steel products; agricultural products including wheat, barley, and corn.

We source commodities from both manufacturers and independent trading houses. We prepay our suppliers, purchase commodities in storage facilities or loaded on a marine vessel and sell to the off-take partners – trading houses and end-buyers.

The company is committed to building a service network of global supply chain, making positive contributions to ensuring the stability of the national metal mineral industry chain and supply chain security in the two dimensions of trade and strategic resource investment.

Strict compliance to internal risk framework, multilevel approval process and structuring trades exclusively on “back-to-back” principle, minimize embedded credit and market risks, leading to healthy and sustainable grows.

Over the years, thanks to this straightforward approach, we have proudly established a strong and successful sale and purchase network consisting of long-term relationships with the most influential players in the industry.