Our extensive networks in the base metals sector across the key trading hubs of Asia, Europe and the US, and knowledge of the various components of the commodities supply chain, allow us to achieve low risk, efficient results.

We take a low-risk approach, exploiting the systemic arbitrage opportunities that exist across the market, leaving inefficiencies on which we can capitalize.

Alongside our superior market understanding, we have established a support framework of industry professionals and risk management systems, forming a bedrock of expertise and infrastructure from which we can generate strong returns.

We employ a conservative trading strategy taking long and short positions in the same market to take advantage of opportunities linked to current and future prices.

Ores and Concentrates

Through our global network, we source and supply ores and concentrates to refining companies and smelters for processing and finishing.

We specialize in financial and operating toll processing structures, through which we supply raw materials to producers, who provide us with the finished products that we distribute to global markets.

We have achieved this by forming long-standing relationships and agreements with robust world-class partners.