Our sustainability framework is the primary vehicle for the collection and reporting of sustainability risks, opportunities and performance to inform our business strategy. Our approach to integrating sustainability throughout our business has clearly defined imperatives, objectives, priority areas and targets. It supports meeting legislative requirements, managing potential hazards, and maintaining our societal license to operate.

We focus our approach through four pillars: health, safety, environment, and community and human rights.

In this respect, will gradually deploy the following principles across our operations, thereby incorporating environmental, social and governance issues into our business/investment process:

  1. Build Businesses and Invest Responsibly – For Enertus AG building businesses and investing responsibly means embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments into our investment and decision-making processes.
  2. Improve Efficiency and Enhance Value – We provide our international customers with increased opportunities to enhance their sustainability endeavors. Enertus AG focuses on sustainability initiatives that increase resource conservation, leverage climate action, improve health and well-being and support local communities.
  3. High Ethics and Transparency – We committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance to corporate performance and accountability. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment towards excellence in corporate governance. Enertus AG has established a series of well-defined policies and processes to protect its stakeholders’ interests.
  4. Promote Well-Being – Promote well-being to enhance livelihood, increase motivation, and productivity.
  5. Communication is Key – We shall communicate on our activity and disclose progress reports, implementation and/or achievements.

Our Corporate Sustainability Committee oversees our policies and operational controls for environmental, health, safety and social risks, and is led by the President and the Board of Directors.